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Football Flight offers besides detailed free information and travel guides about British, Irish and German football, with the organisation of football trips within the section of "Your Footballtrip" a commercial area on this website. For this section, you will find the following valid general travel conditions (=GTC)

1. General and validity of the GTCs

In order to organise your football trip, it is mandatory that you agree these general travel conditions. The travel conditions handle the legal relationship between you and Football Flight. They are valid in addition to the §§ 651 ff. BGB (German law) for all individual travel packages of Football Flight. They are not applied to travel packages, which are booked by Football Flight for you from 3rd party companies. In this case, the conditions of the 3rd party company will be applied. Secured payment certificates for flight, hotel and other services (such as football and train tickets) will be issued by the respective provider. Football Flight books these services on your behalf at the provider, meanwhile the respective provider is liable for the service provision.

2. Conclusion of the contract

a. You as customer, sends a not binding travel request via web form, via E-Mail, verbally, via phone or in any written form to Football Flight. Football Flight sends then an individual travel offer via E-Mail to the customer. This offer can be accepted within 10 days after receipt date by the customer. The travel contract becomes binding for Football Flight when Football Flight confirms the booking e.g. via sending an E-Mail.

b. The offer acceptance takes place by the customer also for all other mentioned travellers. The registered other travellers become also contract partner of Football Flight. All travellers are jointly and severally liable to Football Flight.

c. A change of Football Flight's sent confirmation by the customer or any other traveller is not prohibited and does not lead to a contract change.

3. Payment

After conclusion of the contract the agreed services will be booked in behalf of the travellers. The customer receives afterwards the invoice and the booking confirmations from Football Flight. The full travel price will be paid by the customer within the respective deadlines defined in the invoice (usually within 10 days after invoicing.

Football Flight offers the customers the following payment options:

a. Bank Wire Transfer

The customer can transfer the travel price within the given deadline via bank wire transfer using the following bank account details:

Account Owner: Erik Kunert (Football Flight)

Bank: Deutsche Bank

Account Number: 821248203

Bank Code: 86070024

IBAN: DE94860700240821248203


b. PayPal

Alternatively, Football Flight offers to send the payment via PayPal ( The customer sends within the given deadlines the payment to the PayPal Account: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

c. Cash

Of course, you can also pay the travel price using cash within the given deadline at the Football Flight Office. The office is located at Collegienstraße 64 in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. Please schedule an appointment before.

In case of short notice bookings or any other extraordinary circumstances it can be agreed that the travel price is being paid during the travel.

4. Services

Football Flight oranises, plans and mediates your individual football trip. The travel documents are the central piece of the service provisioning of Football Flight for the travellers. Travel documents is a document, where all your individual travel details are consolidated. These documents can also be the same document as the invoice plus the respective booking confirmations. Depending on your booked services, there are information about your flights, accommodation, football match as well as insider tips for pub, shopping and sightseeing recommendations. Besides the creation of your individual travel documents, Football Flight takes care of booking your flights, accommodation, public transport and football tickets (depending on your request).

5. Cancellation Policy

Football Flight does not offers any travel packages on his own and does not operate trips, but provides with the organisation and mediation of your football flight a pure service. (please refer to 4. Service). Independant of the fact, if you have to cancel the trip before travelling, the effort to organise and book your trip occurs. Therefore the travel price is non-refundable after contract conclusion (please refer to 2. Contract Conclusion). If a refund is possible of any booked services (e.g. accommodation, flights) is dependant from the cancellation policy of the respective service operator - this information you can be found in your travel documents. If there is a need of a cancellation of a service booked by Football Flight, Football Flight will support you to process the cancellation at the service operator (if possible according operator's policy).

6. Service- and price changes

a. Price changes of booked football tickets

One of the central pieces for Football Flight is the oranisation and booking of your football tickets. At time of the booking confirmation it can happen, that the final price of the respective football tickets is not fixed. Whereas Football Flight's vision is to organise other football supporters tickets to moderate prices (in the region of the official selling price, wherever possible), the final ticket price is commonly decided only one month before matchday. In case that the ticket price will vary by more than 10% from the offered price in the booking confirmation, Football Flight will contact you immediately and agrees on any further action.

b. Services change of a booked football match

In football it can sometimes happen that the scheduled fixtures are moved because of TV coverages, or due to weather conditions. The TV fixtures are usually announced two months before the matchday, therefore Football Flight recommends to book your travel when all fixtures have been fixed. Changes due to bad weather are nowadays exceptions. However Football Flight will try to find the best alternatives for you. In case of a fixture change, which you cannot facilitate Football Flight will try to find also an alternative with you. Furthermore it can happen that due to high ticket demand, Football Flight is not able to book the requested tickets for you, in this case Football Flight will provide you alternative football matches.

c. Cancellation in case of service- or price changes

Please be aware that in case of a service- or price change, the cancellation policy (please refer to 5. Cancellation Policy) is in place.

6. Liability of Football Flight

Because Football Flight is not acting as travel operator, but only organises and mediates your travel, Football Flight is not liable for mediated services. Hereby the liability conditions of the service operator take effect.

7. Legal Domicile

In case of any matter of argument between Football Flight and you, German will be applied. The traveller can only proceed against Football Flight at Football Flight's location (06886 Wittenberg, Germany).