Your individual Football Trip to Germany

Do you ever intented to go to Germany to watch football?

You miss the good old standing terraces inside English Football League grounds and you want to get a sense of the good old days with a pint in the stands while watching the game?

Then don't wait any longer, go on a football trip to Germany and benefit from our experience as we live in Germany and of course also go to matches here.
Football Flight organises and consults you in any football trip relevant things. Besides the booking of your flights, accommodation and the match tickets, we can also provide you with insights and recommendations about travel and transportation, pubs, night out options and other leisure activities like sight seeing, shopping or music gigs between the matches.
Football Flight is an official partner of Expedia and travel agent at ACP Rail for booking of travel and transportation tickets.

To get a sense of possible areas and grounds to visit in Germany, here is a map for your next football trip:

Are you now fancy enough to on a trip with us, then send us a not binding travel request:

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